Riverene provides exceptional leadership and organizational development training for employees at all levels. We provide the tools and solutions that align organizational culture with business strategy to maximize productivity and engagement. Bringing together the art and science of leadership, our programs inspire break through results.

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Judah Pollack

is an author, professional speaker and strategic advisor on the art of leadership in a complex, shape-shifting world. Asking simple, powerful questions he uses his process of inquiry to help executives gain deep insight into themselves and greater command of their teams and organizations. He has worked with US Army generals, CEOs, start-up founders, social good founders and their executive teams. He brings together his understanding of personal, organizational and archetypal narrative to help leaders see their context, support change, and drive transformation. His new book, The Butterfly and the Net: How to Have More Breakthrough Ideas is due out in February 2017 from Penguin Publishing. He is a regular contributor to Fast Company and guest lecturer at the University of California-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Allan Silva

As a graduate student in the College of Medicine at the University of Toledo, Allan Silva conducted and published one of the first neuroanatomy studies to demonstrate acute neuroplasticity in adults. Allan's research predicted that neural physiology could be acutely changed by the practice of learning. Not content to just sit in the laboratory and ever fascinated by emotional intelligence and the mind/body connection, he went on to dual specialize in clinical and somatic psychology. Since then he has dedicated his professional life to applying neuroscience to advance human and organizational performance. Drawing on his knowledge and experience in brain science, complexity, design thinking, and transformational leadership – he quickly see emerging patterns, aligns competing talents whether in a room or across silos, and ignites collaborative solutions. Allan currently prioritizes providing leadership development to rapid growth organizations and technology companies. With his breadth of expertise in human ecosystems and cultural strategy, he knows how to influence on several levels at once to accelerate change initiatives to their tipping point. He draws upon his own entrepreneurial experience to coach leaders, facilitate enterprise wide change, and design leadership cultures that learn, adapt, and innovate. Allan has delivered professional services and coaching for his clients in many companies that stake their brand on innovation including Lucasfilm, ILM, Apple, and Airbnb. As a leadership and executive coach he is well versed and applies the most appropriate coaching modality, a blend of solutions focused, adult developmental, and team based coaching.

Dov Pollack

I am a leadership coach, master facilitator, and trainer on the art and science of communication. Utilizing my intuitive understanding of people, I help leaders integrate how they think, feel and behave so that they can become more aware of themselves and others. Learning how to manage their own behavior enables them to make better, more responsible decisions. In an economy that rewards emotional connection and verbal expressiveness, my work focuses on team leaders and their capacity to connect with their people, increase awareness of their key stakeholder relationships, and recognize the patterns they create. With a gift for establishing trust at all levels, I am able to quickly de-escalate conflict and begin reweaving the frayed bonds of trust through self-awareness and dialogue. I draw upon my vast knowledge of film and storytelling to accomplish this, helping leaders to craft a compelling narrative, which will in turn inspire their teams toward exceptional collaborative performance. I work with clients from public, private, and non-profit sectors. By inspiring leaders to be better communicators I help lead them to a richer life.

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